Conservative Commentator Schools Liberal Juan Williams on Evidence Against Hunter Biden (VIDEO)

Liberal FOX News contributor Juan Williams recently appeared on FOX News Sunday and downplayed the investigation into Hunter Biden, basically saying that there is nothing there.

Conservative commentator Vince Coglianese of the Daily Caller was also on the panel that day and he gave Williams an education on the subject.

You know Williams would be screaming bloody murder if this was the Trump family.

News Busters provides a transcript:

SHANNON BREAM: Okay by the way since you mentioned Hunter Biden I want to put up this poll as well. You brought it in Jason, so now we’re going to do it. How important is it that the DOJ investigates Hunter Biden’s business with foreign governments? Now, this again not by party, overall 72 percent of people think it’s a good idea, Juan to investigate what’s going on with Hunter Biden and give me the counter to that because if there’s nothing there, why not have the investigation that could potentially clear him?

JUAN WILLIAMS: But there is an investigation! That’s what I got, that was puzzling to me about the question because the Department of Justice is investigating Hunter Biden and it’s being done by a U.S. Attorney in Delaware who was appointed by Donald Trump and he’s looking into whether or not Hunter Biden was wrong in the way he filed taxes, the way he handled the gun apparently.

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BREAM: So 72 percent are for that.

WILLIAMS: Well so fine! that’s what’s happening under the Biden administration. I don’t get it. There’s no preference here. If Hunter Biden is guilty of anything he’s guilty of using his family name for connections and that’s not illegal and we see this across many presidents in their terms of their families.


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WILLIAMS: He was guilty of being an addict who was showing sort of pornographic images of himself. I mean is he the bag man? Would you pick him to be your Fredo if you were the godfather? I don’t think so. That’s not the right guy.

VINCE COGLIANESE: The pile of evidence is immense though! It’s not just that he was on drugs and there’s pictures of him in sex acts. That exists yes, and that could be used for blackmail potentially, but ultimately you’ve got Tony Bobulinski, an actual on-the-record business partner saying that Joe Biden was the financial beneficiary of this arrangement. It’s an explicit thing that they have never denied. The White House has never put it down and Hunter has not put it down.

Watch the video:

Who does Juan think he’s kidding?


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