Conservative Grassroots Donors Are Rewarding Devin Nunes For Defending Trump

Devin Nunes has been one of Trump’s strongest defenders in Congress, especially when it comes to the Russia probe. Conservative grassroots donors are rewarding him for that with lots of cash.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Devin Nunes’ fundraising explodes amid aggressive defense of Trump from Russia probe

Rep. Devin Nunes raised an extraordinary approximate sum of $2.25 million in six weeks as grassroots Republicans rewarded the House Intelligence Committee chairman for quarterbacking President Trump’s counterattack against allegations of collusion with Russia in 2016.

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The haul should push Nunes’ midterm war chest past $5 million, with donations pouring in from a national fundraising program. The California Republican’s stock has skyrocket in conservative circles amid his aggressive antagonism of the federal investigation into Trump’s activities led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nunes’ latest figures, to be filed with the Federal Election Commission as part of a mandated disclosure ahead of California’s June 5 primary, were shared with the Washington Examiner by a source close to the congressman.

“If you’ve got the attention of the grassroots — particularly if you’re investigating the president or defending him — it’s a smart investment to make,” a Republican consultant said, of Nunes’ national fundraising program.

Nunes this year has become one of the Republican Party’s most prolific fundraisers.

He deserves this. Maybe other Republicans will follow his lead.

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