Conservative Leaders Support Senator Rick Scott’s ’11-Point Plan to Rescue America’

Senator Rick Scott of Florida has released an 11 point plan to rescue America and conservative leaders strongly approve of it.

The plan is a back to basics idea that includes teaching kids to be proud of America and protecting our borders.

Scott even wants to finish the border wall and name it after Trump.

Breitbart News reports:

Conservative Leaders Rally Around Rick Scott’s ’11-Point Plan to Rescue America’

Conservative leaders are rallying around National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Rick Scott’s (R-FL) “11-Point Plan to Rescue America.”

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Eighty-eight conservative leaders from the Conservative Action Project signed a memo supporting Scott’s plan titled “Conservatives Applaud Sen. Rick Scott’s Plan to Rescue America.”

The memo said:

Politicians should tell voters what they are for, what they plan to do, and then they have to do it. This is the clarity – and the accountability – that voters want to see from their elected leaders. Conservatives should be talking about our ideas as much, if not more, than we talk about Democratic missteps and overreach. While not everyone will agree with every parameter of Sen. Scott’s agenda, he should be applauded for his willingness to step up to the plate and to lead. More elected leaders should be following his example.

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The memo also condemned Scott’s Republican colleagues in the U.S. Senate who have attacked Scott for proposing his plan. “However, according to reports, Sen. Scott has been attacked by his own colleagues for leading where they have not,” the memo said.

“We condemn such attacks. The conservative movement has long asked for the type of visionary leadership that Sen. Scott has exhibited. We are proud to stand with him and urge more Senate leaders to follow his example.”

Read Senator Scott’s full plan here.

Watch Scott discuss the plan below:

The entire GOP should get on board with this.


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