Conservative Professor Warns ‘Dangerous People’ Are Indoctrinating Students (VIDEO)

Professor Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto, has become a lightning rod in higher education for his willingness to speak out against the far left. In a recent appearance on FOX and Friends, he warned that the situation at many colleges is getting worse.

The Daily Caller reports:


Clinical psychologist and University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson called out colleges for teaching “pseudo-disciplines” on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday and said they made a “dreadful mistake” by legitimizing imitation majors.

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“I think part of it’s still a hangover from the 1960s,” Peterson said. “I would say and perhaps even a bit of a hangover from the Cold War.”

“I also think the universities made a dreadful mistake expanding their humanities purview to include disciplines like women’s studies and these ethnic studies disciplines, which aren’t disciplines,” he continued.

“They’re pseudo-disciplines at best. And they have very, very low academic standards and they’re corrupting the rest of the enterprise. And that’s not a good thing.”…

“You need to have standards in education. And the fact that disciplines emerge that had no real methodology and no method of proof, no philosophical background, no real history — meant that, that they became degree-granting enterprises,” Peterson said. “That they emerged to produce political activists, which is exactly what they advertise on their websites — means that you’ve got a fifth column of idealouges operating behind the scenes.”

Watch the video:

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