Conservative Professor’s Book Is #1 At Amazon But NY Times “Bestseller” List Excludes It

Jordan Peterson is a Conservative professor from Canada who has become a target for the left because he rejects political correctness. His new book is doing extremely well on Amazon but the New York Times best seller list is excluding it. They just don’t like Conservative voices.

The National Post reports:

Could Jordan Peterson become the best-selling Canadian author of all time?

Right now, University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson is the world’s most-read Canadian author. Given that he also narrates his own audiobooks, it’s possible he may currently be buzzing through more earbuds than any other Canadian voice.

Although he first rose to international prominence as an opponent of gender-neutral pronouns, Peterson’s new book, 12 Rules for Life, is largely his take on what is most “valuable” in life. And it is tearing up the charts, with Penguin Random House already deeming it one of their top performers.

Below, the latest stats on the world’s most popular piece of CanLit…

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Somehow, it’s not even included on The New York Times bestseller list

For years, The New York Times bestseller list has faced criticism for being an opaque, arbitrary catalogue that doesn’t actually reflect whether a book is “bestselling.” These criticisms have particular currency given that 12 Rules for Life isn’t even on their list.

This is not a coincidence. The New York Times has done this to Conservative authors in the past.

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They don’t want people to read Conservative books.



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