Conservative Pundit Shuts Down Hillary Lackey On Russia With Two Words: “IT’S OVER” (VIDEO)

Even thought the Mueller Investigation has exonerated President Trump, there are some people on the left who just can’t let it go. On the FOX News program ‘Media Buzz’ this weekend, Hillary Clinton lackey Philippe Reines kept pressing and interrupting conservative pundit Mollie Hemingway until she shut him down with two words.

Real Clear Politics has the transcript:

Mollie Hemingway vs. Philippe Reines on Mueller: “It’s Important To Understand, Philippe, It’s Over”

PHILIPPE REINES: It sounds like we are doing a 25th anniversary oral history of what this time period was like. Tomorrow we could be talking about the narrative of hundreds of pages of XYZ, and no matter what the report says, you will say the exact same thing and you won’t give an inch that anything happened here.

HEMINGWAY: I think it’s important to understand, Philippe, it’s over

REINES: You saying it on FOX doesn’t make it so. He’s under investigation by 17 other entities including the Southern District of New York.

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HEMINGWAY: It is kind of important to just accept reality right now. We weren’t fed a theory he was being investigated for his business dealings by people who opposed him politically. We weren’t fed a theory that he was surrounded by people who are bad.

REINES: He was investigated by the House Intelligence Committee because Devin Nunes whitewashed it.

HEMINGWAY: We were told he was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. If that were true, it wouldn’t just be something you put in a report, there would be dozens of indictments.

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Watch the video:

If you want to watch a longer video, there’s one embedded in the tweet below:

Mollie Hemingway is the editor of the conservative site The Federalist. They just published a great essay about the media and the Russia conspiracy.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Media Have Done Irreparable Damage To The Country

For the past two years, a large swath of the media engaged in a mass act of self-deception and partisan groupthink. Perhaps it was Watergate envy, or bitterness over Donald Trump’s victory, or antagonism towards Republicans in general—or, most likely, a little bit of all the above. But now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has delivered his report on Russian collusion, it’s clear that political journalists did the bidding of those who wanted to delegitimize and overturn Trump’s election.

While bad behavior from partisan sources should be expected, the lack of skepticism from self-appointed unbiased journalists has been unprecedented. Any critical observer could see early on that Trump-era partisan newsroom culture had made journalists susceptible to the deception of those peddling expedient stories. Our weekly bouts of Russia hysteria all sprung from one predetermined outcome: the president was in bed with Vlad Putin.

Read it all here.


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