Conservative Writer Gives Speech At University Of Minnesota: ‘Socialism Is Tyranny’ (VIDEO)

Conservative writer Ben Shapiro recently gave a speech at the University of Minnesota. Left wing students protested outside the venue. They obviously didn’t want people to hear Shapiro’s message which was highly critical of socialism.

The FOX News Insider reports:

‘Socialism Itself Is Tyranny’: Shapiro Addresses MN College Students Amid Protests

In his speech, Shapiro touched on a number of subjects, including the “tyranny” of socialism.

“Capitalism is good because capitalism is freedom,” Shapiro argued. “Socialism is bad because socialism is tyranny. Not ‘it’s an aspect of tyranny.’ Socialism itself is tyranny.”

He explained that the core principle of socialism is that an individual’s labor is owed to society.

“The notion of socialism is that you do not own your own freedom, you do not own your own time, you do not own your own labor, you do not own your own work, you do not own the products of your own work,” Shapiro said.

He said the notion of capitalism, on the other hand, is that you own all of those things and must engage in a free exchange with others who do not owe you anything.

Watch the video:

Shapiro is absolutely right.

That is a message which needs to be heard by more young people in America.

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