Conservative Writers Rip Far Left Teen Activist David Hogg In Epic Essay: “Lying, Opportunistic, Insufferable…”

Are you tired of hearing the political opinions of far left activist and child, David Hogg? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans are sick of the progressive drivel this kid is allowed to spout on liberal media outlets day after day.

Conservative writers Courtney Kirchoff and Corey Stallings have written an essay at Louder With Crowder which you should read. They make the completely fair point that if Hogg is going to put himself out there as some sort of policy expert, he is not above criticism, and they’re right.

Here’s an excerpt from their column:

Dear David Hogg, You’re a Lying, Opportunistic, Insufferable Little Toe Rag

When you first broke into the public sphere with your gun-grabbing schtick, we were reluctant to oppose you. For one thing, you’re a child. Present tense. Also, we couldn’t imagine what you and your friends had been through. So, we respectfully kept quiet, while also disagreeing with your positions. Plus we had adult things to do. Like pay bills, cook for ourselves, and work. Not to be confused with whining in front of a camera spreading mistruths. Minor difference.

Our reluctance to bitch-slap you sideways was before you embraced your role as gun-grabbing, activist puppet. A position you gladly took. Everytown lubricated their hand, and you bent over, smiling as you spread your cheeks. It’s a metaphor overly-triggered people, chill out. A metaphor we wouldn’t have deployed had you stayed out of the public spotlight. Once you answer fame’s beckoning hand, you’re at the mercy of public scrutiny. Sorry, them be the rules. You don’t have to like them. But the moment you become political, you open yourself up to criticism. Even if you suffered a tragedy.

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Read the whole thing here.

The liberal media has tried to make this child into some sort of expert. Then they say you can’t criticize him because he’s just a kid. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.



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