Conservatives Increasingly Call On President Trump To Grant A Full Pardon To Roger Stone

It has become increasingly clear that the left has targeted Roger Stone for the simple fact that he is a friend and supporter of President Trump.

Now that the Mueller investigation is over, and was shown to be a sham from start to finish, many people on the right are calling on President Trump to grant a full pardon to Stone.

The vicious Democrats have already ruined Stone’s life in many ways. They have driven him nearly to bankruptcy and he has lost his home.

Trump signaled on Wednesday that he is considering it.

FOX News reported:

“The fact is that Roger Stone was treated horribly and so were many other people,” Trump said. “Their lives were destroyed.”

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He added: “Roger Stone — nobody even knows what he did… Frankly, they ought to apologize to a lot of people whose lives they’ve ruined.”

The president was asked Wednesday whether he’d consider extending a pardon to Stone, to which he replied: “I don’t want to say yet, but I tell you what, people were hurt viciously and badly by these corrupt people.”

“I want to thank the Justice Department — and I didn’t speak to them, by the way — they saw a nine-year sentence… nine years for something nobody can even define what he did,” Trump continued. “They put a man in jail, destroy his life, his family, his wife.”

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See the video below:

Tucker Carlson joined the chorus of voices calling for a pardon on Wednesday night.

Mediaite reports:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a direct plea to President Donald Trump Wednesday night on his show to pardon longtime Trump ally and dirty trickster Roger Stone.

During a monologue midway through the show, Carlson didn’t hold back stating, “the president must pardon Roger Stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail,” adding that he and viewers will be watching.

Carlson then went after Judge Amy Berman Jackson — who presided over the Stone trial — billing her as an “out-of-control democratic partisan.”

“[She has] strip[ped] Roger Stone of his First Amendment rights and prevented him from making a living, coming on this show, for example, speaking at all in public. Now Stone and his wife, who is 71 years old and deaf, have lost their home because of it. They have no insurance; they are utterly broken. The whole thing is shocking, and it’s disgusting,” Carlson continued.

Watch the video below:

Tucker is right. The Democrats will freak out about this. Let them. They freak out about everything anyway.



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