Conservatives Mock ‘Nancy Antoinette’ Pelosi Over Fancy Fridge Stocked With Expensive Ice Cream

As Americans are suffering and losing their jobs, savings, and loved ones, Nancy Pelosi is doing interviews with fawning liberal late night hosts and showing off her expensive freezer stocked with ice cream that costs over $10 dollars a pint.

And she is doing this as Democrats once again, are blocking Coronavirus relief to small businesses.

Pelosi deserves all the mockery she gets.

From Real Clear Politics:

GOP Mocks “Nancy Antoinette” Pelosi’s Quarantine Stash Of Expensive Ice Cream In A Very Expensive Freezer

As this clip from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s interview on CBS’s “Late, Late Show” began to circulate around the internet on Tuesday, the Trump campaign rapid response director Steve Guest pointed out that she is “eating $13 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge.”

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“The Paycheck Protection Program ran out of money this morning because Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, blocked the necessary $250 billion replenishment for the program that Congressional Republicans tried to deliver,” the Republican National Committee said in a statement on Wednesday. “Now ‘Nancy Antoinette’ has to explain to America why she chose to show off her luxury refrigerators and $13-dollar a pint ice cream collection from her chateau in San Francisco instead of funding the Paycheck Protection Program which has saved millions of jobs all across the country.”

Think of the nerve it takes to do this:

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People are angry about this.

She really is the worst.


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