Cory Booker Proposes A National Gun Registry And Federal Licences For Gun Owners (VIDEO)

Cory Booker is polling at the bottom of the 2020 Democratic field, so he is desperate to get some media coverage. In an effort to do just that, this week he proposed new gun control policies that have been floated by the left for years.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Cory Booker plans national gun registry

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker on Monday unveiled a new gun control plan that calls for federal licenses for gun owners and an investigation into the National Rifle Association’s nonprofit status.

The New Jersey senator’s campaign called Booker’s plan the “most sweeping gun violence prevention plan ever put forth by a presidential candidate.”

“As president, we will make commonsense changes to our gun laws such as requiring a license to purchase a gun that includes universal background checks, banning assault weapons, and closing the loopholes that allow domestic abusers and people on terrorist watch lists to get their hands on a gun,” Booker said in a statement. “I am sick and tired of hearing thoughts and prayers for the communities that have been shattered by gun violence — it is time for bold action.”…

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Under the plan, individuals would need to submit fingerprints, complete a background check, and show completion of a certified gun safety course in order to obtain a federal gun license. It would also limit gun purchasers to buying one handgun per month and ban “assault weapons,” high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks.

Democrats lose their minds whenever anyone mentions voter IDs but for this gun control proposal, Booker says it would be just like getting a driver’s licence.

FOX News reports:

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Booker argued that just as a driver’s license demonstrates a person’s eligibility and proficiency to drive a car, “a gun license demonstrates that a person is eligible and can meet certain safety and training standards necessary to own a gun.”

The senator said his proposal builds on “rigorous evidence at the state level demonstrating the connection between gun licensing and reduction in gun violence.”

Taking aim at the National Rifle Association, the politically powerful organization that mostly opposes gun restrictions, Booker vowed if elected to the White House to “bring a fight to the NRA like they have never ever seen before.”

Booker has an “F” rating from the NRA.

Watch the video below:

Booker also dodged on this rather important question:

It doesn’t sound like Booker has thought this out very carefully.


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