Cory Booker Says Republicans ‘Stole’ Seat On Supreme Court, Wants Term Limits For Justices (VIDEO)

Trump has added two justices to the Supreme Court and could add two more before his is done. This has caused absolute panic by Democrats who have increasingly relied on the highest court to do the things they can’t get done in Congress.

Now many on the left are trying to come up with ways of getting around this. Cory Booker wants term limits for judges.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Booker Wants to Explore Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices, Thinks GOP Stole a Seat

Sen. Cory Booker (D., NJ) told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews he wants to explore term limits for Supreme Court justices and suggested the Republican Party stole a seat on the court.

“Eric Holder, the former AG, is talking about expanding the number of people on the United States Supreme Court beyond nine to get more progressives on there. Where are you on that?” Matthews asked.

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“I think we need to fix the Supreme Court. I think they stole a Supreme Court seat,” Booker responded.

“Should we keep it at nine?” Matthews asked.

“I think I would like to start exploring a lot of options and we should have a national conversation,” Booker said. “Term limits for Supreme Court justices might be one thing, to give every president the ability to choose three, with people holding on to those seats in ways that I don’t think is necessarily healthy.”

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“Age limit?” Matthews pressed.

“Look, I think we — term limits might be a better way of saying that,” Booker said.

Former attorney general Eric Holder said earlier this month that the next Democratic president should consider adding seats to the Supreme Court if the party holds a majority in the Senate.

Watch the video:

Booker is not alone in this insanity. Many of the Democrats running for president in 2020 want to pack the supreme court.

Politico reports:

2020 Dems warm to expanding Supreme Court

After watching Mitch McConnell transform the judiciary over the past four years, liberals are demanding a bold response. And Democrats are listening.

Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand told POLITICO they would not rule out expanding the Supreme Court if elected president, showcasing a new level of interest in the Democratic field on an issue that has until recently remained on the fringes of debate.

The surprising openness from White House hopefuls along with other prominent Senate Democrats to making sweeping changes — from adding seats to the high court to imposing term limits on judges and more — comes as the party is eager to chip away at the GOP’s growing advantage in the courts.

“We are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the Supreme Court,” Harris (D-Calif.) said. “We have to take this challenge head on, and everything is on the table to do that.”

If Hillary had won in 2016 and was adding news judges to the Supreme Court, none of this would be a problem for Democrats. They’re total hypocrites.


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