Could Democrats Cancel Their 2020 National Convention Over Coronavirus?

The Democratic National Convention is supposed to take place in Wisconsin in July.

But social distancing policies due to Coronavirus could still be in place by then. What happens if they have to cancel their convention?

What if Biden still doesn’t have the required number of delegates to be their nominee?

It’s a potential nightmare for the left but it could happen.

The Hill reports:

Majority of Wisconsin voters don’t think Democratic convention should go on as planned: poll

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A majority of Wisconsin voters do not think the Democratic National Convention set to take place in Milwaukee in July should be held as an in-person event, according to a new Marquette University poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-two percent of the state’s voters think the convention, scheduled for July 13-16, should not be held as currently planned, while 22 percent believe it should go on with people in attendance.

Democratic Party officials are currently reviewing contingency plans to move the convention, which has been thrown into jeopardy over the coronavirus.

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Milwaukee has had 776 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 12 people in the city have died.

Meanwhile, 51 percent of voters polled believe Wisconsin should postpone its primary scheduled for Tuesday, while 44 percent believe it should be held that day.

Politico has more on this:

One problem for Democrats is that the nation’s battle with coronavirus — and Trump’s position at the center of it — may go on for months. The party’s marquee political event, the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for July, is the subject of contingency planning in case the coronavirus still precludes large crowds from gathering.

DNC officials said last week that planning is moving forward for the Milwaukee event. But many Democrats are doubtful — and fearful of a worst-case scenario in which the pandemic upends the Democratic convention, but not the Republican gathering the following month.

“It matters for this reason,” said Bob Mulholland, a DNC member from California. “That Thursday night speech by our nominee could be seen by 50 to 60 million Americans, most of them who haven’t paid a minute of attention to the primary. That’s the conversation that takes us to winning.”

He said, “If we have to cancel and Trump has a convention with 40,000 people screaming and yelling … that’s an advantage to Trump, because nobody saw us except some text they got, and then they watched Trump.”

Jay Jacobs, chairman of the New York Democratic Party, suggested last week that Democrats should at least consider putting their convention off until late August. Even if the coronavirus pandemic has eased by late spring, he said, “everybody’s going to be absolutely exhausted.”

If Republicans have to cancel their convention, so be it. That really wouldn’t hurt Trump at all.

For Democrats, it’s an entirely different story.


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