Covington Student’s Lawyer Sends Notice To Over 50 Media Entities And Celebrities – See The List

The liberal media figures and celebrities who rushed to condemn the Covington kids and even urged violence against them may regret that decision very soon. The lawyer hired by one of the students is pursuing legal action and moving quickly. Over 50 people and companies have already been sent notifications.

PJ Media reports:

Covington Boy’s Lawyers Send Preservation Letters to Over 50 Media Entities

The attorneys representing Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann and his family have put over 50 media entities on notice that their false reporting has put them in serious legal jeopardy.

Sandmann family attorney Todd McMurtry and hired gun L. Lin Wood announced that they have sent preservation letters to media outlets, individual journalists, celebrities, and several Catholic dioceses as the first step in potential libel and defamation lawsuits.

The letters were sent to the following media entities on Friday:

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The Washington Post
The New York Times
Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN)
The Guardian
National Public Radio
Atlantic Media Inc.
Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.
Diocese of Covington
Diocese of Lexington
Archdiocese of Louisville
Diocese of Baltimore
Ana Cabrera
Sara Sidner
Erin Burnett
S.E. Cupp
Elliot C. McLaughlin
Amanda Watts
Emanuella Grinberg
Michelle Boorstein
Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
Antonio Olivo
Joe Heim
Michael E. Miller
Eli Rosenberg
Isaac Stanley-Becker
Kristine Phillips
Sarah Mervosh
Emily S. Rueb
Maggie Haberman
David Brooks
Shannon Doyne
Kurt Eichenwald
Andrea Mitchell
Savannah Guthrie
Joy Reid
Chuck Todd
Noah Berlatsky
Elisha Fieldstadt
Eun Kyung Kim
Bill Maher
Warner Media
Conde Nast
The Hill
The Atlantic
Ilhan Omar
Elizabeth Warren
Kathy Griffin
Alyssa Milano
Jim Carrey

These kids should sue all of them for a ton of money. Maybe it will prevent another situation like this in the future.


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