Covington Students Might Pursue Legal Action Against Media Outlets And Personalities

This weekend, we witnessed one of the worst cases of media bias in recent memory. A group of students who were at the March for Life in Washington, DC were vilified by the left, including many members of the media. The whole thing was fake news, but in their rush to smear these students, who were wearing Trump hats, the left ran right past the truth to push their own narrative.

Now the students might sue. We have two words of advice. Do it.

Law and Crime reports:

Covington Catholic Students Are Considering Legal Action

Media outlets and personalities were scrambling over multiple versions of a video that showed a confrontation between Catholic high school students decked out in MAGA gear and a 65-year-old Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial. Initial reports, based on one version, characterized the incident as a bunch of young white teens taunting Native Americans, in particular Nathan Phillips — a Vietnam vet.

Covington Catholic High School condemned the students, and media personalities and celebrities railed against them. The student shown face to face with Phillips, Nick Sandmann, became the poster boy for alleged smug, racist youths. Now, as many are now backtracking in light of additional information, the families of the students are considering legal action. Now the students are considering legal action themselves.

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A video that shows more than an hour of what happened revealed that the students were on the receiving end of racist and homophobic rhetoric from a group known as the Hebrew Israelites. The students, who were there for the March for Life, responded with an aggressive-looking school cheer, but no racist remarks were heard from their side.

There are definitely people who need to be held accountable here. High profile liberals on Twitter actually wished for violence to be committed against these kids.



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