CRASH: FOX News Finishes Third In Ratings Behind CNN And MSNBC For First Time In Decades

FOX News is still paying a heavy price for angering their Trump-supporting fans. The cable news ratings for last week are in and they are not good.

FOX came in third behind CNN and MSNBC, a thing that hasn’t happened since Bill Clinton was president.

The network is already making line-up changes, and is supposedly putting a new conservative opinion show on the air at 7 PM but it may not be enough to win back fans who feel they were betrayed.

Red State reports:

Fox Ratings Crash, But They’re Trying to Win Their Conservative Viewers Back

We’ve been reporting how Fox News seems to have abandoned “fair and balanced” and gone the way of mainstream news, all in on liberal talking points. It’s been ongoing for awhile, but got really bad and obvious around the election and after.

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While Fox still ended the year leading the other networks for this past year, the trouble spots were obvious and their ratings took a hammering last week where they finished third behind MSNBC and CNN, the first time that’s happened in 20 years, since the Clinton administration.

Neil Cavuto, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum were particularly in the dumper.

Bottom line? They are in need of a reevaluation of themselves. But you can see their opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are still strong and holding them up, which tells you the problem is in becoming like other news media. Why would Fox viewers want to hear regurgitated CNN news?

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Take a look at the numbers:

Former FOX News host Eric Bolling says there are rumors of a change in management:

The people in charge at FOX News made a huge mistake. Their old viewers may never return because of it.


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