Crazy: Chris Cuomo Afraid Trump Will Throw Him In Jail: “I Think About It Sometimes” (VIDEO)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo must see himself as some sort of hero freedom fighter battling against Trump. Because he thinks Trump cares so much about the dumb things he says that he wants to put him in jail. Really Chris?

News Busters reports:

CNN’s Cuomo Fears Trump Will Throw Him in Jail: ‘I Think About It Sometimes’

During an interview with President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani on Friday’s New Day, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo feared that the administration may throw him and other journalists in jail for reporting on leaks about the Russia investigation. Giuliani dismissed the melodramatic fretting and even jokingly offered to serve as Cuomo’s legal counsel.

After Giuliani condemned former FBI Director James Comey for leaking memos about his private meetings with the President to the press, Cuomo jumped in to praise the leaks: “Look, people leak. No, I’m not anti-leak, because I’m a journalist. I like leaks. I like to get the information so I can test power and get transparency….You’ve got whistle blowers all over the place that make a difference for the American people.”…

Even though the President of the united States has raised questions about whether or not I should be able to get that information and whether or not we should be part of the hedging process on getting after leaks. You know he said it, right?…That maybe one of the ways we deal with these leaks is to go after the journalists as well. Do you like that idea?

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Watch the video:

Has everyone at CNN lost their minds?


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