Crazy Kathy Griffin: “I Wish I Could Tour In The U.S. Without Getting Shot”

Kathy Griffin’s problems were all created by her and no one else. She made the decision to hold up Trump’s severed head in a photo shoot. Now she cries about her ruined career to anyone who will listen. She even claims she could be the victim of violence in the United States.

Politico reports:

Griffin knew the photo shoot she participated in — featuring her brandishing a bloody mask of Trump’s head, in a play on Perseus holding the head of Medusa — was going to be controversial. She wasn’t prepared for the career-ending backlash that she attributes directly to the president of the United States elevating the controversy on Twitter.

“The photo was on TMZ, then Drudge tweeted it, and then Don Jr. retweeted Drudge,” Griffin recalled, fingering the president’s eldest son as the person who put her on Trump’s radar. “But the president’s Twitter feed is the greatest programming director ever. The minute he tweeted that tweet about me, it was literally breaking news on every channel.”…

While she has been shunned at home — even Chelsea Clinton joined in the chorus of people claiming to be horrified by a photo they said crossed a line — she has found a welcoming audience abroad. “They were thrilled to have someone come over and make fun of Trump,” said Griffin, who just completed a 15-country world tour. “I wish I could tour in the U.S. without getting shot — I know I can’t. I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when the tweet happened. It was canceled in 24 hours.”

Actions have consequences. Kathy Griffin is not a victim, she is an idiot who is living with the outcome of her own stupid behavior.


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