Customers Angry After National Anthem Silenced At Restaurant Franchise

In case you haven’t noticed, the left’s crusade against Confederate statues has quickly morphed into something much bigger. Other things are becoming targets, like our National Anthem.

The left is framing an argument that the song is controversial.

CBS News Los Angeles reports:

Customers Outraged After Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Silences National Anthem

The National Anthem is the focus of controversy again, this time at a bar in Riverside County.

Customers at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Eastvale say an employee refused to let them hear the anthem before an NFL game Monday night – which happened to be the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

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A customer who identified herself as Lori said the employee refused to play the sound of the anthem for one game, but played it for the game before.

When he was asked why, the employee — who was not identified – said the anthem is too controversial, and it was company policy not to play it.

“No one understood what was so controversial. It’s 9/11, it’s a sporting event, why is it controversial?” she said.

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Lori took the employee’s picture and posted it on social media, where it spread quickly. She said a manager on Monday apologized immediately for that employee’s behavior.

Good for the patrons for calling this out. And good for the manager for addressing it.


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