DAMAGE CONTROL: The View Insists They’re Not Intolerant – Then Whoopi Shuts Down Meghan McCain (VIDEO)

The View has gone into damage control mode because of the comments Joy Behar made earlier this week about Mike Pence. She suggested his faith made him mentally ill, which is incredibly insulting to Christians across the nation.

They insisted they are not intolerant. Then Meghan McCain pointed out that they frequently attack Trump supporters, gun owners and people from red states. Then Whoopi jumped in and shut her down.

The Daily Caller has more:

‘The View’ Cuts Off Meghan McCain During Condemnation Of Her Cohosts

‘The View’ instructed Whoopi Goldberg to cut off cohost Meghan McCain before she could properly condemn her cohosts for their comments about Mike Pence’s Christian faith on Thursday…

She pointed out to the cohosts that they claim to be tolerant of other people but often don’t extend that tolerance to anyone who thinks differently from them.

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“I think we are living in an incredibly divisive times right now,” McCain continued. “As a Republican, I feel like sometimes liberals say, ‘we need to be tolerant to everyone, we need to be tolerant of everyone,’ except pro-lifers, except Trump supporters, except gun owners, except for everyone in the red in the middle of the country.”

“I’m going to stop you because that’s not — that’s not actually true,” Whoopi Goldberg said, cutting McCain off. “And I’m stopping you for a reason.”

Watch the video:

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You don’t seem very tolerant, Whoopi.


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