Damning Newly Revealed Fauci Emails Show He Was Told Early On That COVID Looked ‘Engineered’

Some of Dr. Fauci’s emails have been released through a FOIA request and they are not good.

They suggest that Fauci knew more about COVID than previously thought and that he acted more like a government bureaucrat than a doctor.

One email even suggested to Fauci that COVID looked engineered. Why are we just learning this now?

Townhall reports:

Fauci Was Told Early on That Wuhan Coronavirus Looked ‘Engineered’

New emails obtained by Buzzfeed through a Freedom of Information Act show National Institute of Health Director Dr. Anthony Fauci was told by NIH scientist Kristian Andersen on January 31, 2020 that Wuhan coronavirus looked “potentially engineered.” In other words, it was manipulated in a lab through gain of function research.

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“On a phylogenetic tree the virus looks totally normal and the close clustering with bats suggest that bats serve as the reservoir. The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered,” Andersen said.

And yet, that’s not what he said publicly as he rejected the possibility of a lab leak in interviews, during testimony to Congress and during official White House Task Force briefings.

Some of this stuff is just unreal.

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Rand Paul took a well deserved victory lap.

Fauci must be made to answer for this.


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