Dangerous Drug Combination Is Turning Philadelphia Into A City Of Zombies (VIDEO)

Philadelphia is one of the American cities which has been nearly destroyed by almost permanent Democrat rule.

A video circulating on social media shows people in the city hung over with their arms hanging down in front of them.

This frightening sight is happening because of a dangerous drug combination being sold in the city.

The Guardian Gazette reports:

Philadelphia Streets Have New “Tranq Dope” Which Turns People Into Zombies

A video that has gone viral shows the streets of Philadelphia filled with people high off of “Tranq Dope.” The video released on Twitter shows men and women stumbling on the streets as if they are zombies.

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This is because they are under the influence of tranq dope, which is a concoction of heroin and a horse tranquilizer called xylazine.

The opioid crisis in Democrat-run cities like Philadelphia has skyrocketed; also, many people who are addicted aren’t getting any help. This is due to the fact the Biden administration’s main focus is stopping the spread of COVID-19, instead of stopping the opioid pandemic that is killing thousands of people each year…

Imagine if Benjamin Franklin was to take a scroll through Philadelphia and see Americans being completely destroyed by drugs the U.S. government allows to come through their borders.

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Many drug dealers are cutting their heroin with xylazine which is also known as “sleep cut” or “tranq dope.” The mixture of Xylazine with heroin immediately causes a sleeping effect on users who, after injecting or snorting the drug, immediately start to nod off.

Here’s the video:

It’s scary and sad.

How did this happen to such a great city?


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