DC Police Chief Goes Off After Latest Shooting: ‘You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals!’ (VIDEO)

Democrat policies have put the United States in an awful position. A violent criminal gets arrested, and within a day is back out on the street, no bail required.

This has caused a massive wave of violent crime throughout the country, and many police are frustrated by it, as well as the public.

In Washington, DC this week there was another shooting and the acting police chief went off.

Townhall reports:

DC Police Chief Incensed After Another Shooting In Broad Daylight: You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals!

Robert Contee III, chief of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, did not hold back during his Friday press conference following a daytime shooting near downtown Washington, D.C. on Thursday that saw multiple rounds being fired near outdoor diners.

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Two people were shot in what appeared to be a targeted shooting that resulted in people scrambling for cover. D.C. Police have released video of the suspects and the vehicle they left the scene in.

“But I will tell you the truth, the real issue is we have a vicious cycle of bad actors who do things, no accountability, and they end up back in communities, and the police officers, I guarantee you when we lock up whoever did this, they will be no stranger to us, I promise you that,” Contee said.

Contee, a lifelong resident of the nation’s capital, said he has been part of the police department for 30 years and started his career patrolling in the district where Thursday’s shooting took place.

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“You cannot coddle violent criminals, you cannot treat violent criminals who are out here making communities unsafe for you, for your loved ones, for me, for my loved ones,” he continued.

Watch the video below:

This crime wave will continue until these liberal policies are changed.

No amount of ‘police reform’ is going to help. America needs to go back to common sense policing.


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