DC’s Democrat Mayor Asks National Guard For Help With Migrants Flooding The City

Washington DC’s Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser is asking the National Guard for help dealing with the influx of migrants to the city.

Before the summer is over, she will probably be calling for a wall to be built around the city’s border.

Why does she have a problem with this? Wasn’t Washington DC declared a sanctuary city for illegals when Trump was president?

FOX News reports:

DC Mayor Bowser asks for National Guard help with migrant buses from southern border: ‘Humanitarian crisis’

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is asking the National Guard to mobilize in an effort to deal with the migrants that are being bused to the city from southern states.

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The mayor, who has championed accepting migrants entering the country illegally as a human rights issue, requested the DC National Guard be activated indefinitely to assist with what she called a “humanitarian crisis.”

Bowser is asking that the DC Armory be used as a processing center and DC National Guard resources be used to help field migrants as they arrive by bus.

Migrants by the busloads have been sent to the capital by GOP governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona as a political statement over President Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis at the southern border.

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Bowser has vocally complained about the migrant surge in her city, suggesting those entering the country are being “tricked” into coming to D.C. but stressed it is “a federal issue that demands a federal response.”

Does Mayor Bowser not see the irony here?

Isn’t this what she wanted?


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