Defector From North Korea Claims Kim Jong Un Keeps Sex Slaves

Life in North Korea must be awful. Kim Jong Un is crazy and a brutal dictator, we already knew that. But now, according to one young woman who escaped from there, we learn that he has slaves for sex.

The New York Post reports:

Kim Jong Un has teen sex slaves who feed him caviar, defector claims

A North Korean defector has told of Kim Jong Un’s teen sex slaves, lavish caviar lunches and gory public executions.

Hee Yeon Lim, 26, is the daughter of a high-ranking soldier from Pyongyang and a member of the regime’s inner circle.

But when her father, Col. Wui Yeon Lim, 51, passed away, she and her family decided to flee the country in 2015.

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Now in South Korea, Hee Yeon has spoken of what life was like inside the secretive rogue state.

She told the Mirror she saw “terrible things” in her home city of Pyongyang despite her family’s relative privilege.

She said officials came to her school to pick out teen schoolgirls to work at the chubby dictator’s homes.

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The escapee said they would only choose the prettiest girls, who were taught to feed him caviar and massage him.

If they refused, they would “disappear,” she said.

Who knows what kind of human rights violations are taking place behind closed doors in North Korea? It’s chilling to consider.



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