DELUSIONAL: Nancy Pelosi Calls House Democrats ‘Greatest Collection Of Intellect And Integrity’ (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi is looking at a complete implosion of her party in the November midterms.

Yet when she was asked about the House Democrat Caucus recently, she presented a flowery and happy view of the situation. She called them the greatest collection of intellect and integrity. She said they always try to do what’s best for the American people.

If her description is accurate, why have 28 Democrats already announced that they’re not running again in 2022?

Red State reports:

WATCH: Pelosi Goes Full-Metal Stand-up Comic With Delusional Description of House Democrats

“She is insane,” observed a commenter: “We are being governed by insane people.”

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The dead-on observation was in response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delusional description of the House Democrat caucus during her weekly lie-fest on Thursday. I don’t know if Pelosi is an insane individual or not but I do know she does a hell of a realistic job portraying one on TV on a regular basis.

With her trademark sheepish silly grin plastered all over her plastered face, which comes across as somewhere in between embarrassed about the ridiculous crap coming out of her gibbering mouth and giddy “the lights are on but nobody’s home” cluelessness, Madam Speaker described House Democrats thusly:

Here’s the thing. I say to my members, on a regular basis, when we gather in caucus and as you know, sometimes it’s hybrid, these days, but any time we have gathered when we’re actually virtually hybrid, I’ve said to them — under this roof, figuratively or actually — ‘This is the greatest collection of intellect, integrity, and imagination, for doing the right thing for the American people.’

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Watch the video below:

Nancy Pelosi is highly likely to retire after the 2022 midterms.

Better late than never.


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