Dem Senator Makes Bold Claim About Shutdown That Is Laughably Wrong

Senator Claire McCaskill is being called out for making a statement about government shutdowns on Twitter which is completely false. Here’s what the Missouri Democrat said:

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She was quickly called out:

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

McCaskill Tweets False Claim About History of Government Shutdowns

McCaskill wrote on Twitter that the federal government has never “shut down” while one party controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House.

But in fact the government has shut down several times when the same party controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, and every single time that party was the Democrats.

As a Vox explainer published Friday noted, the government shut down five times under President Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, when his fellow Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. Most of the shutdowns lasted for one or two weeks, and nearly all were caused by the House and Senate favoring different abortion policies.

Will anyone in the mainstream media call out McCaskill for this? We won’t hold our breath.

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