Democrat Candidates Suddenly Don’t Want To Be Called “Progressives” Anymore

Democrats running for office in 2022 suddenly don’t want to be associated with the term “progressive” anymore.

This is significant because people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and all the members of the far left squad have identified themselves as progressives.

Has the far left really become that toxic? It appears so.

The Hill reports:

Progressive candidates seek distance from label

They’re pushing for environmental reforms, embracing single-payer health care and calling for more government assistance. But increasingly, many are reluctant to call themselves “progressives.”

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Left-wing candidates from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Missouri are shying away from the P-word on the campaign trail, in messaging and online fundraising, and even in media blitzes, signaling an attempt to rebrand their wing of the party as Democrats debate how to win the midterm elections.

On paper, many mesh with Capitol Hill’s top leftists. Some support easing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and restarting discussions around “Medicare for All.” Others want to accept more Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of their country. Most would like President Biden to use executive action to give Americans more aid across the board.

Their hesitation to be defined as such, however, is new.

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“For those people who understand root terminology, to progress means to move forward,” said Dwight Bullard, a senior adviser for Florida Rising and a local NAACP leader. “To be a progressive is to be forward thinking or constantly in a push to improve.”

Voters know the truth. It really doesn’t matter if far left Democrats change nothing but the name.

Voters remember who called for defunding the police and other destructive policies.

Democrats can’t stop what’s coming in November.


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