Democrat Convention Concludes Without A Single Mention Of Ongoing Violent Unrest In Liberal Cities

Cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York, have been the scene of rioting and looting for much of the summer of 2020.

These are all cities run by Democrats and the far left.

The Democrat National Convention ended on Thursday night and do you know how many times this issue was addressed? The answer is zero.

John Kass writes at Real Clear Politics:

Democratic Convention Ignores the Elephant in the Virtual Room: Big-City Violence

The “We the People”-themed Democratic National Convention, like the Republican one to follow, shows us what America has known for years: that conventions are only infomercials designed to bend reality to political will.

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The Democrats bend their reality toward a referendum on President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, but they bend it away from any mention of growing violence in American big cities run by liberal Democratic administrations.

As I keep telling you, when you hear politicians talking, pay attention to what isn’t said. Train your eye to see the negative space between the dancers, because that, too, is often the story.

Urban violence threatens the peace of targeted Democratic suburban voters, like those soccer moms who’ve just installed police scanner apps on their cellphones. Trump is taking advantage of this, but he didn’t create it. What America is witnessing in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York is a clash between the hard left and the liberal Democratic mayors who lead those cities.

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Democrats don’t want to talk about this because their supporters are the ones doing it.

The Democrats never talked about it and the media never asked why.

Isn’t that odd?


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