Democrat Lapdog Millionaire Stephen Colbert Says He Is Happy To Pay Higher Prices For Gas (VIDEO)

Liberal millionaire TV host Stephen Colbert recently downplayed skyrocketing gas prices, saying that he would be happy to pay higher prices.

Why would he do this? It’s simple to understand why, once you accept the fact that Colbert is a Democrat activist and that everything he does is in the service of protecting Democrats and attacking Republicans.

As sure as the sun sets in the west, Colbert would be attacking Trump if these gas prices happened on his watch.

Townhall reports:

Stephen Colbert’s Ukraine Declaration Shows Once Again Why Trump Got Elected

Was it supposed to be funny? If that was the intention, it missed the mark. Also, it was a very accurate depiction of this slice of America. Liberal America is isolated. Sheltered under a dome, unaware of what real people go through every day. It’s grounded in professional urban-based elites. The limousine liberals rule the roost. They don’t know what goes on outside of America’s city limits.

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They don’t know working people as well—that’s for sure. That’s not some conservative talking point—rural Democrats, what’s left of them, have been warning about an extinction-level event in these areas for years. Liberals have lost the touch and messaging prowess that was channeled on expert levels with Obama…

Every day there are new stories about the unhinged Left that perfectly explain why Trump won in 2016. Stephen Colbert’s recent late-night monologue served as another reminder. He was commenting on the recent ban on Russian oil and gas imports which will drive up gas prices. Colbert said he’s willing to pay more for gas because that’s the cost of a clean conscience.

Also, he’ll pay $15/gallon because he owns a Tesla. Yeah, that’s the new liberal America war cry.

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Here’s the video:

Colbert is not a comedian or even an entertainer.

He’s a Democrat activist.


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