Democrat Operative James Carville Thinks Election Could Be Rigged Now That Trump’s Leading (VIDEO)


When Hillary Clinton was leading in all the polls and Trump suggested the election could be rigged, Democrats like James Carville sneered and called him a conspiracy theorist.

Now that Trump is leading in some polls, Carville is already trying to delegitimize a possible Trump win.

Via Real Clear Politics:

Carville: “Possible” To Rig Voting Machine For 100 Votes; Calling Election Rigged “Fundamental Attack On The Country”

Democratic operative James Carville rips Donald Trump and his supporters for suggesting the presidential election will be rigged. Carville called such claims “a fundamental attack on the country itself” on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

However, Carville conceded it is “possible” to “rig a voting machine to get a 100 votes here or a 100 votes there.”

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“I tell my students, if there’s such a thing as a sacred moment in a secular democracy is when the former president gets on the helicopter and goes to Andrews [Air Force Base] to go to the plane to go back wherever they came from and a new president takes office. That’s the moment, that’s the key moment in any democracy because, you know, you lose, you leave or you’re eight years up and you go and the new person comes in,” Carville said.

“This is a fundamental attack on the country itself the underpinning of it that somehow or another it’s rigged or it’s not fair,” the veteran Democratic strategist said. “People, you know, some people believe that.”

Carville said “by in large” American elections are on the “up and up,” but “hacking” a voting machine to get a “100 votes here or a 100 votes there” is possible.

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“By in large American elections are pretty much on the up and up. It is very, very — I cannot tell you that somebody can’t rig a voting machine to get a 100 votes here or a 100 votes there, that is possible,” the Clinton confidant said.

Here’s the video:

It’ll be worth it if Trump wins just to see the look on the face of people like Carville.


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