Democrat Senators Pushing Bill That Would Require A Federal License To Buy A Gun

Democrat Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, are pushing a gun control bill that would require people to obtain a federal license to buy a gun.

Given the nationwide rise in crime due to Democrat policies, gun sales have exploded over the last two years.

Gun control should be a dead issue, but Democrats refuse to let it go.

The Blaze reports:

3 Senate Democrats reintroduce gun control bill that would require people to get a federal firearm license to procure a gun

A trio of Democratic senators has reintroduced legislation that would require people to get a federal license in order to buy or receive a gun.

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Would-be gun owners would have to jump though several hoops while seeking the license, including “a written test,” “hands-on testing,” and “a background investigation and criminal history check,” according to the bill’s text. People would also need to supply “proof of identity,” as well as their fingerprints, information about the gun they aim to acquire, and the identity of the entity selling or transferring the weapon.

The proposal would allow an exception to the federal license requirement for people in a state that has a similar licensing system in place.

Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut are pushing the Federal Firearm Licensing Act, which was previously introduced in 2019 but failed to go anywhere.

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“The Federal Firearms Licensing Act would put in place a certification process that includes firearm safety training and a thorough criminal background and identity check requiring the licensee be 21 years of age,” Menendez said, according to a press release. “We have a moral obligation to prevent these senseless massacres in our schools, supermarkets, places of worship and shopping malls that are tearing communities and families apart. It is my hope that my Republican colleagues will once-and-for-all recognize the urgency of action and join us in passing this legislation before more lives are senselessly lost to gun violence.”

Democrats try this every time there is a shooting. It’s as predictable as the rising sun.

The American people need to be able to protect themselves.

It’s pretty simple.


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