Democrat Task Force Recommends Keeping Armed National Guard Members In DC Permanently

The security theater in Washington, DC that Democrats installed back in January might be there forever, of Democrats get their way.

A task force headed by Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats is recommending that the armed presence in DC stay there permanently. As in, forever.

No National Guard on the southern border but a permanent military presence in DC. reports:

Task Force Calls for Permanent National Guard Force to Protect DC

A task force charged with making recommendations to boost congressional security after a deadly Jan. 6 pro-Trump mob assault on Capitol Hill has proposed establishing a permanent military presence ready to go at a moment’s notice in Washington, D.C.

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The security review, led by retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who ran military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, recommended establishing a permanent National Guard quick reaction force, or QRF, for all of D.C.

A QRF is a standard military security element meant to provide swift reinforcements.

“This could be done by mobilizing military police from Guard elements across the U.S. on rotations of three to six months,” the task force’s report states. “Another option would be to create a QRF that permanently resides within the D.C. Guard by reestablishing a military police battalion and staffing it with active Guard reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty.”

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The proposal notes that military forces should be a supplement to a law enforcement QRF. Establishing a permanent National Guard presence could be a costly measure for the military, especially if states must continue to rotate troops and equipment in and out. Basic Allowance for Housing for an Army specialist, the most common rank in the force, is $2,520 per month in the D.C. area without dependents. That is on top of standard pay.

Why are we doing this? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have these troops at the border?

Nothing our leaders in Washington are doing makes any sense.


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