Democrat Who Compared Trump To Bin Laden Also Said Nazis Work In The White House (VIDEO)

Sean Casten is a Democrat running for Congress in Illinois. He recently compared Trump to Osama Bin Laden then tried to backtrack. Now he is under fire for saying Nazis work in the White House. What is wring with this guy?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Dem Who Compared Trump to Bin Laden Also Said ‘Nazis’ Work in White House

Illinois Democrat Sean Casten, who found himself in hot water after his belief that President Donald Trump has a “tremendous amount in common” with terrorist Osama bin Laden was revealed by the Free Beacon, has also told voters there are “Nazis” in the White House.

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Casten, the Democratic nominee in Illinois’ sixth district, responded to the initial report by saying he regretted the bin Laden comparison and his words were “poorly chosen,” but new video obtained by the Free Beacon indicates this type of language was used often by him on the campaign trail.

On two separate instances during his primary fight, he made reference to “Nazis and racists in the White House.”

The two comments, both which can be viewed below, occurred during candidate forums hosted by anti-Trump “resistance” group Indivisible last year, the first in August and the second in October.

Watch the video:

This guy’s comments should disqualify him. What a disgrace.

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