Democratic Consultant Doug Schoen Says Trump Increased His Chances Of Winning With RNC Speech

If you watch FOX News, you know who Doug Schoen is. He has been a contributor at the network for years, and he is a political consultant for Democrats.

Schoen was impressed with Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

He also thinks the speech bolstered Trump’s chances in November.

He writes at FOX News:

Doug Schoen: Trump’s strong Republican Convention speech increases his reelection chances

President Trump delivered one of the best speeches of his political career Thursday night as he accepted the Republican National Convention’s nomination for a second term, boosting his chances for reelection.

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The president’s 70-minute speech was highly effective in the sense that he drew clear and arguably persuasive contrasts between himself and former Vice President Joe Biden in many areas, including their broad-based visions for America, the economy, and law enforcement.

In a way that was reminiscent of Trump’s positioning during the 2016 campaign, the president made it clear that he is running as an outsider and a non-politician against Democratic presidential nominee Biden, who Trump characterized as embodying the political class and the establishment.

Moreover, Trump’s thematic attacks on Biden and the Democrats resonated, as Trump presented the choice between himself and Biden as a choice between freedom versus socialism, and optimism versus negativity.

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Democrats should be very worried. Trump’s speech was effective, so was the whole convention.

We mentioned in a recent post that C-Span is being swamped by callers who are saying they are going to vote for Trump, even though they are Democrats. Here are more examples:

Voters trust Trump to restore the economy.

They also don’t trust the Democrats after the way they have ignored what’s happening in cities.


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