Democrats And The Media Are Convinced The Midterm Elections Are Already Won – Just Like in 2016

Democrats and the media are convinced that Democrats are going to win the midterms. In many ways, they are repeating the same mistakes they made in the 2016 election. FOX News media critic Howard Kurtz makes that case in a new column.

He writes at FOX News:

Pundits assume Democrats will win the House. Sound familiar?

Their faces peered out from the pages of The New York Times a couple of days ago, the Democrats who would become committee chairmen if their party wins the House.

These mini-profiles were followed by a Times interview published yesterday with Nancy Pelosi, who laid out her agenda if she becomes speaker again.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza followed up with this piece: “Nancy Pelosi Is Right. The Democrats Should Win the House on Tuesday.”

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Sure sounds like the media are viewing a Democratic takeover as pretty close to a done deal. It’s being baked into the cake of political coverage.

At Nate Silver’s 538 site, the projection is that the Dems have 85.5 percent chance of being able to give Pelosi the gavel.

Sound familiar?

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Didn’t we go through this in 2016, when almost everyone in journalism, citing endless polls, believed or predicted that we were headed for a second Clinton presidency?

It does sound awfully familiar, doesn’t it? If enough Conservatives vote on Tuesday, we can make them cry again. Let’s do it.


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