Democrats Are Headed For A Civil War Over Their Own Party

The media loves to talk about conflicts within the Republican Party. What they rarely mention is that the Democrats are as divided as a party now as they were during their primary a year ago.

There are two forces within the party which are vying for dominance. The far left Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing of the party and the establishment wing which is made up of Hillary loyalists.

A showdown is coming between these two factions and it could fracture the party in two.

Joel Kotkin writes at the OC Register:

The coming Democratic civil war

Even before the election of Donald Trump, and more so afterwards, the dysfunction of the GOP has been glaringly obvious. Yet, despite the miserable favorability ratings for both Trump and the Republicans, those of the Democrats, notes Gallup, also have been dropping, and are nearly identical to that of the Republicans.

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What gives? Simply put, the Democrats seem to know only what they are against — Trump — but have provided no clear sense of where they want to take the country. The party, and much of the nation, despises Trump, but there does not seem to be any huge pent-up national demand for the Democrats to take over — at least, not yet.

Part of the problem is major chasms underneath the absurd faux solidarity of the “resistance” movement on the left. These have been largely hidden in the increasingly uniformly pro-Democratic media. These differences extend beyond personal fiefdoms or stylistic differences. They reflect deep divides in terms of class and geography, and will not be easy for the party leadership to reconcile.

Democrats have no platform or message right now other than their hatred of Trump and that’s not enough. As these two wings of their party struggle over their direction, infighting could cost them dearly in 2018 and 2020.


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