Democrats Are Quietly Waging A War To Abolish The Electoral College

Democrats hate the Electoral College because it prevents heavily populated blue states like New York and California from deciding every single election. As a result, they are taking measures to get rid of it. Very few people are talking about this but it is definitely happening.

The Baltimore Sun reports about efforts in Maryland:

Maryland bill would aim to speed up demise of the Electoral College

More than a decade ago, Maryland agreed to enter a compact to bypass the Electoral College in favor of the national popular vote for electing a president — if enough other states went along with the proposal.

But the effort to kill the Electoral College stalled.

Now, state Sen. Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, is pushing a bill in the Maryland General Assembly he hopes speeds up the move to a national popular vote if other states also adopt the idea.

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Ferguson’s bill, which is scheduled for a committee hearing next week, would authorize Maryland’s 10 Electoral College votes to go to the winner of the national popular vote for president — instead of the winner of Maryland’s votes — provided a red state with the same number of Electoral College votes (in Maryland’s case, Wisconsin) agrees to do the same.

“This is about expediting Maryland moving toward the popular vote,” Ferguson said. “It breaks the political logjam through a pairing strategy. All of those states that sign up for the pairing strategy will send their votes to the winner of the popular vote.”

The Denver Post reports about similar efforts in Colorado:

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Bill tying Colorado electoral votes to national popular vote clears another hurdle

A Colorado bill that could help change how the country elects the president is heading to its final vote after passing out of a House committee on a party-line vote Tuesday night.

The bill would add Colorado to an agreement between a growing number of states to award their Electoral College votes to whomever wins the national popular vote for president. It passed the Senate in January without a single Republican voting for it, and now heads to the House where Democrats hold a substantial majority.

The debate over the bill went well into the night Tuesday, and much of it centered around whether it’s constitutional for states to band together and fundamentally alter presidential elections. And while only a few the more than 80 people who testified mentioned President Donald Trump mentioned by name, the results of 2016 election (where Trump lost the popular vote) worked their way into the testimonies of people on both sides of the issue.

The League of Women Voters is pushing this in Wisconsin, too.

We Are Green Bay reports:

League of Women Voters Look to Abolish Electoral College

Talks about scrapping the Electoral College system have been ongoing for years.

The Electoral College is the constitutional method we use to elect the President in favor of the simpler majority vote.

Tonight the League of Women Voters in Appleton hosted a discussion on that very idea.

The league believes the electoral college is detracting from democracy by reducing voter turnout.

The reason for all of this is very simple. Democrats want to rig the system so that they never lose again.


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