Democrats Are SLOBS! Look At The Trash From One Night at Convention (VIDEO)

DNC slobs

Democrats paint themselves as heroes of the environment but they’re not very responsible with their trash. A quick look at this video will make you wonder if they’re as “green” as they profess to be.

PolitiBrew reported:

The DNC 2016 Convention is an Absolute Mess. Trashed!

7-26-16 7:46 AM EST: Always such a caring, respectable, gregarious group. Democrats leave their marks wherever they go…but mostly they leave their garbage.

Their policies also turn previously pristine areas into landfills and _____holes. That’s just how they roll.

We’ve all seen scenes after conservatives have gathered in large groups. Quite often those areas left cleaner than they were when the people arrived. That’s never the case with Democrats. Why? They’re pigs, that’s why…but this ain’t breaking news.

Watch the video:

Maybe before Democrats lecture others about the environment, they could clean up after themselves.

Is that too much to ask?

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