Democrats Block Efforts To Get Answers On Afghanistan, Rush To Attack New Texas Abortion Law

We still have Americans trapped in Afghanistan and 13 American service members were killed there last week.

Republicans are trying to get to the bottom of what happened there, but Democrats are blocking them because they would rather not discuss anything that would be a stain on their precious Biden.

They care more about political power than the truth.

Townhall reports:

Democrats Are Blocking Efforts to Get Answers on Afghanistan

Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to know why President Joe Biden lied to the American people in early July when he said it was “unlikely” the Taliban would take over Afghanistan. They also want to know why Biden asked former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to lie on his behalf and falsely state the Taliban was being held off while the Afghan army was getting slaughtered.

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In order to get answers for the American people, Republicans introduced an amendment to put the intelligence community Inspector General to work.

Democrats are blocking these efforts:

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Meanwhile, Democrats have already shifted into high gear for the new Texas abortion law.

Red State reports:

But while Democrats seem to shrug at the mention of Afghanistan, the one thing they won’t tolerate is an interruption in the flow of babies being killed in the womb. With Texas’ recent passage of their abortion law, effectively banning most abortions, Democrats are flying into action and gearing up for a major battle.

According to The Hill, Nancy Pelosi said she’s mobilizing the House to vote on legislation that would override Texas’ abortion restrictions.

A “whole-of-government effort” to respond to a state that effectively ceased the killing of children within its borders.

Again, where is this energy on the Afghanistan crisis? Why is there not a “whole-of-government effort” in getting Americans staring down the barrel of Taliban rifles (provided by Biden) out of the grasp of terrorists?

Democrats are telling us who they are by what they prioritize.

We should pay attention.


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