Democrats Call Dr. Ben Carson – Who Is An Acclaimed Pediatric Brain Surgeon – A Moron

Sometimes the hypocrisy of Democrats is something to behold. This is one of those times. They love to criticize and ridicule members of the Trump administration for any reason they can find, but this is just too much.

They just referred to Dr. Ben Carson, a famous pediatric brain surgeon, as a moron.

Take a look:

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Townhall explained what’s behind this:

DNC Account Tweets That Brain Surgeon Ben Carson Is a ‘Moron’

Current HUD Secretary Ben Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon who in 1987 successfully separated conjoined twins after almost 30 hours in surgery. It was a historic medical feat. Yet, because he talked about Oreo cookies at a recent HUD hearing, the Democratic National Committee deemed him a “moron.”

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The House Financial Services Committee grilled Carson earlier this week about the administration’s policy in stripping public housing funding from illegal immigrants. He defended the policy and explained that there was a lengthy deferral period, but it seemed Democrats on the panel were more determined to demonize and humiliate him.

That was most apparent during a confused exchange between Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) and Carson about the real estate term REO (“real estate owned”). Carson asked if she had said something about “Oreos,” before he was quickly corrected. Democrats and the media mercilessly laughed at him and the verbal slip up – not his policy explanations – became the story of the day.

The Democratic National Committee’s War Room Twitter account took advantage of the moment and questioned his IQ while railing against another HUD policy.

Here are some replies to the DNC’s tweet:

What were the Democrats thinking with this dumb tweet?


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