Democrats Changed Impeachment Messaging From ‘Quid-Pro-Quo’ To ‘Bribery’ After Consulting Focus Group

When Democrats talk about their impeachment circus on TV they try to act like it’s such a serious subject.

Now we know how they really feel. This is a show, and marketing is apparently very important.

They actually consulted a focus group to determine which words worked best.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Why not call it a ‘bribe’? Democrats have focus group-tested their impeachment strategy for maximum effect

NBC News and Reuters were savaged by the anti-Trump #Resistance this week for warning that Democrats would miss their opportunity to move public opinion in support of removing President Trump from office if the impeachment hearings fail to capture the attention of the general electorate.

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Not only is this analysis correct, but NBC and Reuters are also not alone in recognizing that Democrats need to appeal to more than just obsessively engaged former Russia-gate activists. Democratic leaders themselves recognize this, too, which is why they are workshopping their talking points and buzzwords for maximum impact and reach.

Democrats have, for example, retired the term “quid pro quo” for the simpler term “bribery,” claiming the latter more accurately conveys the nature of the case against Trump. But there is more to the story, according to the Washington Post. Democrats shelved “quid pro quo” after private polling found “bribery” packed more of a punch with survey respondents.

“[T]he Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee conducted focus groups in key House battlegrounds in recent weeks, testing messages related to impeachment,” the Washington Post reports. “Among the questions put to participants was whether ‘quid pro quo,’ ‘extortion’ or ‘bribery’ was a more compelling description of Trump’s conduct.”

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FOX News talked about this on the air:

Tammy Bruce sums it up perfectly:

What a complete sham.


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