Democrats Debate Climate Change, Ignore Obama’s New Mansion On Martha’s Vineyard (VIDEO)

During the Democratic debate on Thursday night, climate change was a subject of discussion.

One of the moderators even asked if entire American cities should be relocated due to climate change.

All of the candidates took this very seriously.

News Busters has details:

Debate Moderator Pushes Relocating Whole Cities from Climate Change

Thursday’s Democratic debate hosted by PBS and Politico was a rather dull affair, but one question regarding climate change from Politico chief political correspondent Tim Alberta stood out as particularly nutty by any reasonable standard. In back-to-back questions, he presses candidates on their plans to pick up and relocate the entire population of certain cities.

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Setting up the debate’s shift to climate alarmism, Alberta prefaced by noting that “many scientists say that even if the U.S. reduced its carbon footprint to zero by the year 2050, the damage will have been done, the climate change will have made certain places in the U.S. unlivable.”

In the question to Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Alberta wanted to know:

So, knowing this, would you support a new federal program to subsidize the relocation of American families and businesses away from places like Miami or Paradise, California, perhaps, Davenport, Iowa, because we know these places are going to be hit time and time again?

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See the video below:

All of this debate about climate change was happening as Obama is closing on a new beachfront mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

Does he need to be relocated as well?

Do Democrats think no one sees this hypocrisy for what it is?


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