Democrats Don’t Even Know Why They’re Trying To Impeach Trump Anymore

Now that the Russia hoax has completely collapsed, Democrats have lost their purpose.

They still want to impeach Trump, but they seem to be trying to do so out of force of habit.

They don’t even know why they’re doing this anymore.

From the Washington Examiner:

Democrats engulfed in confusion over impeachment plans

Are House Democrats conducting an impeachment inquiry?

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It depends who you ask.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York and many liberal Democrats claim the panel is conducting a formal inquiry into whether to impeach President Trump, even though the House has not voted to approve it.

The Judiciary Committee will hold a vote Thursday that Nadler has cast as the first step in formalizing the process in the impeachment inquiry.

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But other Democrats say that while lawmakers are investigating President Trump, it’s not officially impeachment.

“I’m not quite sure what Chairman Nadler meant, because we have not launched a formal impeachment inquiry in the United States Congress,” Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, told CNN in August.

“That, in my view, requires a vote of the House. He may consider what he’s doing in his committee, de facto, to be all but an impeachment inquiry that could lead to articles of impeachment, and that’s true. But as to a formal impeachment proceeding, we have not undertaken a formal proceeding.”

Everyone seems to be saying something different. There’s no unified message or approach.

Politico reports:

Dems stumble on impeachment messaging

Democrats are mired in an impeachment mess of their own making.

Conflicting signals from the House’s most powerful Democrats have left rank-and-file lawmakers exasperated, unable to say confidently whether the House is, in fact, considering one of the weightiest actions any Congress can take: recommending a president’s impeachment.

Some see the muddled messaging as a strategic boon — it allows moderate Democrats to sidestep politically explosive questions about impeachment while permitting progressives to insist they’re aggressively hammering President Donald Trump. But others doubt the tactics are intentional and note that it has strained the Democratic Caucus, that it has aroused suspicion among the party’s base and that it could weaken the House’s hand in court.

Sixteen House Democrats, in interviews, offered conflicting assessments of the status of the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation of Trump, which its chairman — Rep. Jerry Nadler — bills as an “impeachment investigation.”

In other words, they’ve got nothing.


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