Democrats Panicking: Now They’re Sending Obama To Campaign For Hillary

With Hillary’s health called into question after her 9/11 collapse, Democrats are throwing a Hail Mary.

They’re bringing out President Obama to campaign for Hillary.

Here’s how Drudge framed the situation:


CNN reported that Obama will go out and stump for Hillary, because he wants to protect his “legacy.”

Here’s what CNN reporter Athena Jones said:

“The President is going to go out and stump for her. He is going to make an affirmative case for why she is the best person to replace him. We do not expect him to talk about her health or this ‘basket of deplorables’ comment.”

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Why wouldn’t he talk about her health? And why wouldn’t he talk about her “basket of deplorables” comment?

Oh yeah: One is disqualifying. The other is insulting.

Watch CNN’s video report:

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It’s a panicky move. Hillary is sick, and she insulted the American people with her “basket of deplorables” comment.

Democrats know the Presidency is slipping away. They’re desperate to stop Trump.

Democrats know President Trump will roll back the Progressive agenda. They know President Trump will stop the lawlessness.

They know President Trump will appoint Supreme Court Justices who support the 2nd Amendment, support limiting government, and will overturn the Obamacare debacle.

And Obama’s “legacy” is the opposite.

No wonder Democrats are panicking.

Here’s Obama talking about Hillary today:

He’s panicking. All Democrats are panicking.

But here’s the real secret (and you can see it on Obama’s face when he’s talking about her): Nobody actually likes Hillary!


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