Democrats Stuck With Superdelegates After Efforts At Reform Fail in Talks

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Superdelegates came up repeatedly during the Democratic Primary because the use of them was one of the ways the party rigged the entire process to favor Hillary Clinton.

Sanders supporters thought the one good thing that might come from this election process would be the abolition of the superdelegate system but they’re stuck with them for now.

Politico reported:

Sanders allies defeated on superdelegate amendment

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his allies suffered a defeat Saturday afternoon over an amendment to eliminate superdelegates.

The amendment, which came before the Democratic National Convention Committee’s Rules Committee, was defeated in a vote of 58 yeas to 108 nays. It came after a heated debate and as advocates for eliminating the superdelegate system chanted “end superdelegates” outside the ballroom hall.

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The silver lining for superdelegate protesters, though, is that the vote got the 25 percent support it needed for a minority report to bring the proposal up again on the convention floor.

The amendment was brought by Rhode Island state Rep. Aaron Regunberg. A number of supporters spoke in favor of eliminating superdelegates, including Sanders-surrogate and former Chicago mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia.

“I think everybody here should seriously consider supporting this proposal,” Garcia said. Supporters cheered while Regunberg and Garcia explained their support.

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Democrats will probably never get rid of the superdelegates.

The party likes having control over the process to much to abandon them.


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