Democrats Suddenly Paying Much Less Attention To National News In The Age Of Biden

New polling indicates that Democrats are paying much less attention to national news, now that Biden is president.

Why could that be? Is it because Biden is a total failure and they’re embarrassed to see him bumble his way through press briefings when he bothers to give them?

Is it because they regret backing a man who can barely form a complete sentence?

Axios reports:

Democrats tune out national news during Biden era

A new poll from Gallup and the Knight Foundation finds that younger Democrats are driving a huge decline in national news consumption in the U.S.

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Why it matters: It marks the first time since the study began in early 2018 that Democrats report having less interest in national news than Republicans and independents.

Details: While respondents across the political spectrum all reported a decline in interest in national news over the past year, Democrats’ interest has declined the most, with just 34% saying they paid a great deal of attention to national news in 2021, compared to 69% in November 2020.

The decline among Democrats ages 18-34 is staggering. Roughly a quarter (24%) said they paid a great deal of attention to national news in 2021, compared to 70% in November 2020. Those ages 35-54 also tuned out significantly.

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Independents that lean Democrat are also paying less attention to national news than Independents that lean Republican, the survey found.

Maybe Democrats are tired of watching moments like these:

Biden is painful to watch, and there’s no good news to report on his presidency.

Is there any wonder why Democrats are tuning out national news?

Wouldn’t you do the same if you were them?


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