Democrats Think They Already Have The 2018 Midterms In The Bag – They Don’t

Turn on any liberal news channel and you’ll hear experts talking about how a blue wave is coming and Democrats are going to retake the House, maybe even the Senate. They’re basing this on historical models but this year is different.

In 2010 and 2014, people were angry at Democrats for passing Obamacare. Now, the only major piece of legislation which has passed is a massive tax cut. There are other factors in play as well.

Jen Kerns writes at FOX News:

Democrats ought to worry about the midterm elections

The collapse of Democrats’ popularity on the much-ballyhooed generic ballot foreshadows tough midterm elections for them in November.

Until this week, pundits nearly everywhere favored Democrats to win – and for good reason. Historically, midterm election victories have been afforded to the party that does not control the White House. That’s a natural result of the checks and balances established by our Founding Fathers.

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Generic ballot polling is generally thought to be the best predictor of the mood of the electorate during a midterm season. Such polls usually ask the question: “If the election were held today, would you vote for a Democrat or Republican for Congress?”

The latest responses are very troubling for Democrats.

New polling shows that Democrats have lost their recent 15-point lead over Republicans, dropping to only a two-point lead for a critical election they had hoped to paint as a referendum on President Trump and writ large, Republicans.

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However, historically speaking, the news is more daunting for Democrats. Compared to where they stood in the 2014 midterm elections, Democrats are actually faring worse at this point than they were then.

Liberals may be in for another huge disappointment this fall.


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