Democrats Worry Their Party Is Too Reliant On Attacking Trump

For the last several months, Democrats seemed to think just being anti-Trump would save their party. It was a dumb plan but it at least energized their base. Now that they’re heading into real elections, they’re realizing that’s not a real strategy. They’ve also become way too dependent on it.

The Hill reports:

Dem addiction to Trump attacks gives party cause for concern

Democrats are linking Republican gubernatorial candidates to President Trump in New Jersey and Virginia, two states won by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election where the attacks could drive base voters to the polls.

But some Democrats are concerned about their party’s strategy.

Even if Democrats win the two contests, they say it could give the party a false sense of confidence that attacking Trump is the best way to win the House and Senate in 2018.

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“It’s like a jolt of sugar and they can’t put it down,” Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons said of the Trump attacks.

Simmons said Democratic activists relish the attacks on Trump, he but questioned whether it will help the party win over the centrist and independent voters they will need to win races across the country.

“If you want to convince a semi-regular voter to show up on Election Day, you need to find something else,” he said…

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“I worry there’s a bit of amnesia happening,” said one senior aide on Capitol Hill. “It’s almost like we didn’t learn our lesson in November, and it can really come back to haunt us a little over a year from now when it really, really matters.”

They have no policy ideas except being anti-Trump. They have no strategy but protests. They should be concerned.


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