Democrats Worry Voters Can’t Name Any Of Joe Biden’s Accomplishments

One of the problems Democrats face in the 2022 midterms is Joe Biden.

Millions of Americans are angry about the way Biden handled the Afghanistan exit, are concerned about the economy, and even question Biden’s cognitive state, but no one can name something good that Biden has done.

Democrats have no successes to point to, and voters certainly don’t see anything great.

McClatchy News reports:

Democrats’ midterm dilemma: Biden’s agenda isn’t breaking through with voters yet

Stephen Webber remembers when he started to get worried about next year’s midterm elections. In March, he met a woman who tearfully explained how she had just paid for long-overdue car repairs after receiving an unexpected government payment…

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Webber says he has had many similar conversations across Missouri in the following months that expose how little average voters — and even some local Democratic leaders — know about President Joe Biden and the party’s legislative achievements, even if they’ve personally benefited from them.

“I don’t think one percent of reliable or frequent Democratic voters have even a decent understanding of what Democrats are trying to do in Washington, D.C., right now,” said Webber, a former chair of the Missouri Democratic Party. “The disconnect between what folks in Washington, D.C., are talking about and what folks on the ground know is massive.”

His worries aren’t isolated within the Democratic Party. A broad cross-section of lawmakers, party officials and strategists around the country say they are growing increasingly frustrated that their economic agenda — starting with the pandemic relief package passed in March — hasn’t yet broken through to the public.

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Worse yet, this is now the defining image of Joe Biden’s presidency:

Again and again, the man simply refuses to answer questions and turns his back on the American people.

It is not reassuring.


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